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No one knows exactly how many islands there are in Indonesia, but with over 17,000 of them, its total coastlines sweep a staggering 80,000 kilometres, and its territorial waters claim 3.1 million square kilometres of sea. These are seas that hold some 15% of the worlds coral reefs. They bloom in blue waters, awaiting a divers discovery.

Tropical fitness retreats are a great way to spend your vacation days.

It’s true. The waters of Indonesia offer the last vestiges of untapped tropical diving left on our planet. Here, islands are still revealed and stolen by the sea, seeded by the geological activity that cuts a great 5,000 kilometres arc from mainland Southeast Asia to New Guinea. Strewn with volcanoes marking the edge of a tectonic plate, the arc is lyrically dubbed the “Ring of Fire.” This arc is traced by rugged islands blanketed with tropical flora. Emerald canopies where the jungle still reigns, rice fields of jade and gold where man has stamped his claim. It is beauty that spills into seas encircling islands with rainbow-hued coral reefs where a myriad of marine creatures play.

While much of Indonesia’s allure lies in its rich cultural tapestry and untamed wilderness, divers are a fast growing breed of special visitors to Indonesia’s many shores. Diving in Indonesia offers many outstanding choices; from fantastic land based resorts to live-aboard vessels. Depending on aptitude and attitude, there is diving here to suit all desires.

Just three hours southeast of Singapore, lies the remarkable and relatively unknown island of Sulawesi. This jewel of the Indo Pacific region is considered to be one of the finest diving destinations in the world – a last frontier. Those divers who venture to her shores, will experience the splendor of underwater wonders so prolific and diverse, it will take your breath away. Sulawesi has it all….

Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi ( Manado ) has approximately 3,000 different varieties of reef fish and large numbers of pelagics; including barracuda, sharks, whales, dolphins, giant manta rays and turtles that call the steep walls home. On the east coast of North Sulawesi lies the incomparable Lembeh Strait, a macrophotographer’s Paradise and Muck Divers heaven. Their motto is ” If you can’t find your macro critter here, it probably doesn’t exist.” For those wanting a real adventure to one of the most remote and untouched regions left in the world today, a journey to Central Sulawesi and the Togian Archipelago is a must. Secluded and pristine frontier diving awaits you in these magical waters.

Experience the uncharted and challenging waters of Komodo, Alor and Flores in the Lesser Sunda Chain east of Bali. From a live-aboard dive vessel you’ll explore this remarkable, virgin area. Sheer walls, caves, overhangs and sea mounts abound, and sandy bottoms to beautiful reefs of soft and hard corals inhabited by thousands of colorful reef fish are all here for the exploring . The turbulent waters are nutrient rich and teeming with unparalleled marine life. With good visibility year round, the sheer beauty, colour and diversity of underwater life makes diving in this region of Indonesia truly spectacular.


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